Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An out of cycle post...

So as you may, or may not, have noticed I tend to post only at midnight. This is because all my posts are pre-written and scheduled (that's how I'm able to post every day.) But, today I had to break the pattern because an Event happened - I was linked to from the official forums!!!

I'm pretty excited about this and I wanted to say thanks to Kance Tzu for the blast. I, of course, wish he'd been a bit more flattering but hey, free press is free press, ya know? I certainly don't think that I HAVE to AFK Mine - I can, so, I will, ya know? If you can do something, and not get caught, and pay no real penalty, then...why not do it?

"But the morals of it!!!" Right right...I start crying every time I go above the speed limit in my car, too :eyeroll:

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  1. Bah, each to his/her own I say. As Lanissum said a couple of posts ago, your work helps keep prices down on items. As you note, that's not by very much, so obviously it's not a big deal to CCP, despite EULA.

    FYI - Re: 0.6 sec rats - Get those drone skills up and fit defensive mods and you'll be fine. I've got a buddy who practically AFK-mines, usually while doing chores around his house, and he's never had a problem with rats. He mines in 0.6 and 0.7 systems. Not sure where you are flying, but in Caldari space, upon arrival at a belt, he launches five lil' Hobgoblin IIs set to Aggressive. They eat anything that gets too close. He's got a kitchen timer to remind him to check his hold. So while AFK mining =/= AK mining, it seems awefully close sometimes. :-)