Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Eternal Thread, and a Destroyed Covetor...

The EVE Online Forums have a policy – any thread which is not posted to for 45 days is locked. This is to prevent what’s known as “necro posting.” So I consider it nothing short of a MIRACLE that this post, created in 2006, is STILL active. It is the post that was created by Wrangler and it was intended to be a “One thread to rule them all” sort of thing.

In 2006 the forums exploded with posts about macroers and what to do about them. Before then they’d been problematic, but for some reason it came to a head in 2006. So Wrangler made this post and said that any new threads talking about macro mining would be closed. I don’t know what the intended or anticipated affect was, aside from having only one place to discuss macroers was.

It seems that the post’s entire point was to reduce the “spam” and give people a place to vent, but, nothing more seems to have come out of it. None of the dozens of changes have been implemented. No one seems to have noticed a decrease in macroers. It was just a post to get everyone to STFU about people who macro I think.

Anyway, my covetor got blown up last night. It was my own damned fault, of course – I thought I’d be cute and run in a .6 system. The rats there are too tough, and I knew it, but I wanted to try anyway. So tonight when I get home I’ll be spending that insurance money, and then some, on a fully equipped Hulk. Hey, I’ve got the cash and nothing else to spend it on right now, I might as well mine in style. And the extra slots should help me bolster defense. Oh, and my agent makes about another 1 million ISK per hour in a hulk (thanks to the larger holds) so I should be able to make up the cost in about a week’s worth of mining.

Assuming I don't get shot down again!

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