Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Struggles of a Cheater...

AFK gamers are often accused of things that go far beyond AFK gaming. For instance if you read Telbrah’s comments on this site you’ll see:


“Why do the MMORPG Publishers not like Gold Farmers? Because hacking and then stealing accounts is where they get the most bread and butter for their online merchandise and its ILLEGAL. Why is it ILLEGAL because whether you say Blizzard owns the merchandise or the Player owns the merchandise someone owns it and it was TAKEN and then RESOLD. Its not a worthy part of anyones pie to make a buck. If so, go buy yourself a kilo of illegal drugs and start selling that to children and see if you dont end up in prison.”

His comments are similar to those you will find from most gamers when discussing AFK gaming. To them, we are “evil” and we “ruin” things like economies and games. We’re hackers who are out to steal whatever we can and we only care about money. We’re scofflaws, at best, and criminal masterminds at worst.

This sort of response is common in history when dealing with cheaters. And, make no mistake about it, we AFK gamers are cheating. It’s just, that’s ALL we’re doing –cheating. I don’t own a website where I get you to give me your login name and password. I don’t make my money by ripping people off or sharding their purples. I’m just a regular guy who likes to program and sees MMO’s as the ultimate venue to cheat for fun and virtual profit. So while I’m nothing less than a cheater, I’m also nothing more.

One place that has a lot of information about cheating is Tault.com. These guys have been in this business for awhile and they’ve created several applications which work similar to the ones I create – only they’re professionals and in this with the goal of creating more profit for themselves than I am interested in creating for myself. They sell subscriptions to their website, applications, and forums and they’ve created a sort of bazaar for how to cheat in online games. Their cheats are also not limited to simply AFK gaming but include exploits and outright hacks.

That’s not my style, but more power to them. For me, the creation of an agent (that’s what I call my “macro”) which can play the game is the entire point. And to be honest I get a little bored with the game if I’m not upgrading the agent or making a new one. Out of the past two weeks I’ve probably only AFK Gamed three or four days because of a general lack of motivation and uncertainty about what I want to accomplish in the game.

Don’t think I’m trying to excuse anything by saying that; I’m not. Quite the contrary, I know I SHOULD be AFK Gaming more and I dislike that I get bored with it when I’m not messing with the agent’s code. It’s like “Why can’t you just be happy with this AWESOME thing you’ve created? Why are you only interested in upgrading it? Fucking ENJOY it, you’ve earned it!” I’m getting better about it, but we all have our struggles.

Even cheaters.

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