Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ice Ice baby

Ever since I found out that an Iteron Mark V can be fit to hold over 39 thousand cubic meters of items I decided I simply MUST have one. So far I’m about 17 days away from completion (JESUS that’s a long time!) It’ll be nice to be able to haul over 4 million tritanium in one shot.

I spent most of yesterday flying back and forth, mining Veldspar in a system that only had three asteroid belts. I’m finding these systems are better for mining for two reasons. First, they tend to have a lot of Veldspar which means a lot of Tritanium. Since Trit is so valuable, this means a lot of ISK profit. Second, people tend to not “clear” these belts, leaving them open for people like me.

I tried mining (harvesting?) Ice the other day and I was impressed with how much I could get for it. And I was also impressed with how much easier it would be to macro. Being killed is a lot less likely because there are usually a lot of other people mining the Ice as well. Further, it’s fairly profitable. I figure I can sell the harvestable for about 100k ISK each, and I can fit 6 in my holds per trip, meaning a profit of 600k per round trip. I can do about 6 trips per hour, meaning a net profit of 3.6 million ISK per hour.

Finally, it’s almost impossible to “dry up” a piece of Ice. They contain thousands of pieces, each of which is 1000 cubic meters, so you only get a few pieces per trip. This means that my faulty (but effective) “Am I mining?” check isn’t necessary – all I have to do is start up the lasers and wait for a certain amount of time.

Still, I’m hesistant to move into a high-sec system with Ice and just grind out Ice all night – I’m paranoid like that. Usually when things are too good to be true, they are, ya know? Maybe I'll train to fit Ice Harvestor 2's after I can fly my Iteron.

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  1. Where are they selling at 100?