Saturday, May 16, 2009

Corp Life, Day 2

Well after losing about 40 million ISK worth of ships/fitting, it’s time to limp back to high-sec (using a jump clone) and macro some more money into my holds. Macroing when someone has declared war on your corporation is dangerous, but I need money!

Let me tell you why Corporations suck for AFK Gamers and, in general, people who aren’t PvP whores:

1 – Call To Actions (CTA). Basically, when you join a Corporation you give up the right to freedom. Perhaps you come from a country where freedom isn’t very valuable, but I’m from the United States of America – I’ll kill you before I let you have my freedom. Well, in Corporation whenever there is a CTA you are expected to be involved, with limited exception. No, you’re not going to get cussed out for not being at one or two of them. “I’m only on for 30 minutes” will get you out of one and “Oh, sorry, wife agro!” might get you out of another. But, eventually you’re going to have to help them and what does that mean? At least 2 hours of being on Ventrillo, hearing people with funny accents tell you what to do. I swear, I had thought there was nothing worse than having an 11 year old tell me what do with my WoW time. But, at least that 11 year old in WoW spoke English well, and without an accent! Try replacing an American teen with one from Ireland and the annoyance factor increases exponentially.

2 – You’re never safe! Like, EVER! I know a lot of people think that you can be blown up no matter what, no matter where you are in EVE. That’s only technically accurate. In reality, High-Security space is about as safe as you can be in reality. Did you know that in reality you can be shot at any time, for any reason? Same in EVE, and you’re about as likely to be attacked for no reason in Empire as you are in real life.

3 – Whatever goals you had in game, just forget about them. You’re now a corporate entity. You’ll do what they say, you’ll like what they like, and you’ll agree with corporate management, even when they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

4 – Taxes, AND dues?! I had monthly dues in the corporation (10 million ISK is about 5 hours of AFK Gaming, but it’s the principal of the thing!), as well as a 7.5% income tax. Fuck you, very much!


  1. It's all about which corporation you join and where it is located. You are describing the pitfalls of many 0.0 corps, but there are lots of other corp types, with differing values, goals, and levels of understanding.

    Always ask two questions: What do you want/need to get from a corp? What does it want/need to get from you?

    IMHO, if AFK mining is your intent then you would be much better served in a high-sec industrialist/manufacturer corp. If it gets wardecced, you'll always have the option of laying low while it hires mercs or calls upon combat corps in the alliance.

  2. Yeah, I think you're right. This was the first corporation I've joined and I think it's pretty clear that it was a mistake.

    Live, learn, improve!

  3. The corp I run does not have dues - we have a 10% tax rate on missioning/bounties/etc., and we offer to buy ore from our miners at reasonable rates.

    As to 0.0 - it can be a dangerous place and it is hard to AFK mine out there, but mining can still be a very lucrative business out in the wilderness. Since our corp is getting ready to return to 0.0 now that The Alliance is on the move again I'll keep you posted via the blog how that goes. :)