Friday, May 22, 2009

About Bumping…

Today, for the first time, I watch myself get bumped. It broke my agent.

I was wandering past my computer when I noticed that I was about 40k away from the nearest asteroid, and there was this guy charging at me moving very fast. The nose of his ship almost collided with mine but at the last moment my ship veered away, sending me still further away from the asteroid field. I sighed, set his standing to -10, and locked onto him hoping he’d be dumb enough to attack me. He wasn’t, so I just warped away.

I then opened up Agent EVE and added a few more lines of code that would make me approach the asteroid I was mining. I went back and the bumper was still there, bumping other people. I resumed my agent and sure enough he came charging back at me, only this time he had a much harder time keeping me away from the ore. He did, eventually, get me a good distance away, so I fitted an afterburner in my mid and modified the agent to use it. After that bumping was no longer a problem.

Another day, some more progress!


  1. I know I should be disapproving of violating the games EULA but somehow your posts always entertain and interest me. Mining is for suckers anyhow, so keep up the good work :P

  2. Heh, thanks man. I really appreciate you posting this. I strive to be both interesting and entertaining and it's glad to know someone sees my posts that way! I really enjoy writing this blog so you keep reading and I'll keep writing!