Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Joined A 0.0 Corporation!

I know, I know, I’m a AFK Gamer, why join a corp? Well, because why write a simple agent that can mine in High-Sec when you can write a complicated agent that mines in low-sec? :-D

But beyond that, there’s a lot to EVE and players tend to focus on one, two or maybe a handful of sub-systems through the game. I’m not that player. I’m someone who likes to see how all the pieces fit together. I’ve always tended to explore all areas of a game and after over a year of playing EVE off and on, I never once got to see the 0.0 side of it.

After joining a Corporation I have one immediate observation – these are some needy mother fuckers! One of our systems was being attacked and the amount of vitriol generated about people being online but not defending the station was intense. This one player kept comparing the number of people online in the Alliance to the number of people in the group and saying “Where are the rest of you?!”

Hey, buddy, save it for the fleet chat, k? Thanks!

It’s not that I refuse to help; it’s that I’m about 40 jumps away and I’m not spending 2 hours jumping “home” only to have to log out halfway through. Sometimes I only get an hour to play, and I’m not logging out just because there’s a fight I can’t get to.

But, that’s EXACTLY what this player was asking people to do – if you’re not going to help, then log out now!

What an asshole!

Not that it really influenced me. I just turned blink off on alliance and focused on local instead.


  1. TBH, it sounds like your corp has poor defensive planning capabilities. I would never expect somebody in your situation to respond that far; however, I would question why you were that far from Alliance space. Not so much, for this event, but to gauge your ability to respond to future events. If I know where you primarily operate and/or your availability based on regions, then I can add you to the defense plan for that area, and not expect you to show up half-way across New Eden.

  2. Well I just joined right? Their space was about 30 jumps up from where my stuff was, so I was just in transit.

    But yeah, this alliance is in a pretty nasty war; and they're not winning.

  3. Even more of a reason to cut you some slack, in my book. Good luck with your 0.0 adventures and fly safe out here.