Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Irony Took My Hulk

Want to know what irony is? Irony is being killed by an NPC rat when you just quit your Corporation because you didn’t want to be killed by someone in High-Security space. Yup, I lost my Hulk at some point yesterday. Christ, it wasn’t even overnight! I have no idea what could have packed that kind of firepower in High-Sec, but what’s done is done. I’ve still got my Retriever and Covetor, so I’ll be using them until I get enough cash for another Hulk. And this time, I’m going to actually armor the damned thing, and maybe not AFK in .6 space again.

I might actually have enough to buy a replacement Hulk right now though. I spent about 70 million on implants and riggings (lost the one in the Hulk) but I’d made about 40 million in minerals I haven’t sold yet. In addition, I’ve got about another 20 or 30 sitting somewhere in empire. You know you’re making a lot of money when you can’t be bothered to go GET it all.

After thinking about it for a while I decided to NOT get a replacement Hulk. The extra 4k worth of cargo space would be nice, and it's tougher than a Covetor, but until 100 million is "nothing" money I'm not going to risk it.


  1. Are you sure it was a rat? No rat in 0.6 could generate the firepower to kill a Hulk unless your drones did NOT engage and the rats simply nibbled away at it.

    I would definitely slap some armor on it and train up you armor skills a bit. Can't hurt.

    Maybe, in the mean time, you can swap out a cargohold expander for an armor repper and put in some of your code magic to initiate it when armor starts getting hit.

  2. No, I'm really NOT sure it was a rat, but since I didn't get a kill mail saying XYZ person killed me I am assuming it was. I also didn't get any taunts which I would assume I'd get from goonswarm's griefers.

    I had zero defenses on the Hulk and that was a BAD decision for me. Live, learn, improve.