Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cheaters in our Online World

A friend of mine got hooked on Battlefield 2142. No, I mean HOOKED. He’d talk about it every day. He’d devise strategy. He bought a server. He organized a guild. He bought a website. In all, he dove in headfirst.

And after awhile he was up at the top of the ladder. He was high rank and high rated. And then he told me something that has stuck with me.

“You know what I’ve learned? It’s that at the top of every single game, no matter who makes it or what it is, there is a group of cheaters.”

He lamented this fact. He hated it. He wanted all his effort to earn him the highest rating but, regardless of how hard he tried, he could never outdo the cheaters.

I think a lot of people respond in a very bitter fashion to this sort of news/fact. They seem to seek validation from a ranking and knowing that they’ll never be at the top causes them grief. We all grow up being told “You can be whatever you want if you work at it” but in reality that’s not the case. It’s really “You can be whatever you want, if you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.”

And if you ever want to see your name up in lights, when it comes to internet gaming, you’re probably going to need to cheat to get there.

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