Saturday, May 23, 2009

The wife, and our life…

At the moment, I’m saving for a freighter. A freighter cost about 900 million ISK and I’m at about 300 million now. I’ve been talking (whining?) to my wife about how long this is taking and she said it reminds her of saving for a horse in WoW. We both played WoW for about a year or so before we quit because life was just too busy to compete or even enjoy it. We would get the game loaded up, leave town, figure out what we wanted to do for 20 minutes, and then realize all we wanted to do after 20 minutes of trying to figure out what to do, was to go watch TV.

WoW is the one game I never used an agent in because I really didn’t want to get that character banned and I wasn’t absolutely certain of my ability. There are just SO many WoW players that it's hard to not get seen in that game a lot. I was stuck in an asteroid field last night, unable to warp out because an asteroid was in my way, for the better part of 2 hours last night. In WoW I would have been banned for that; in EVE, I get a funny tell from someone in local but nothing more.

I wish I really did have the time to honestly play EVE but, I simply don’t. I have a wife, a kid, a middle-management job that expects me to work weekends (without pay, of course) a mortgage, a second job I work nights sometimes. It’s just exhausting and the last thing I could possibly do is come home and grind ISK in EVE. It’s nice to have this agent doing the work for me so that when I do have an hour to play I also have enough cash to make the play enjoyable.

My alt finally finished Miner 5 and I’ve got him training up learning skills now. I think I’m going to write a program for him to mine next so that I can have two incomes; that should help the ISK rise faster.

I’ve gotten a lot of new ideas about new features for my EVE Agent. I think I can determine whether an asteroid field is empty now, and if I’m close enough to an asteroid mine. I’ve also figured out how to determine if I’m warping or not so I can take that off of a timer.

Right now I’m staring at my ship. It’s sitting outside of a starbase after warping in. It’s asked to dock once, but for some reason it’s just sitting there. I found this problem a LONG time ago – sometimes you’ll tell your ship to dock and it will warp there just fine, but it won’t dock. A smile spreads over my face as I watch my agent realize what’s occurred and take an action to solve it – it asks to dock again. This is no macro; this is damned near an intelligent agent.

I’ve come a long way and even though I have a longer way to go, sometimes, it’s nice to stop and smell the roses. Or, in this case, millions of tons of Tritanium.


  1. So, your program runs the eve client, but how does it get that kind of info? OCR? or something more low-level?

  2. Thanks for posting!

    It's just simple OCR. That's all the player has to work with, so that's all I have to program from.

    Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

  3. Interesting, I'm a pirate; so I'm not really into that kinda stuff.

    Though, afaik macroer's lower the prices I pay for stuff, so 'ty'
    (but I'll still kill you if I can)

  4. Lanissum, I promise that if you do kill me I won't take it personally!