Monday, May 11, 2009


EVE is a game of decisions and Opportunity Costs.

That’s part of the draw, for me. “What’s the most efficient and effective method?” is a question I am always asking myself while playing this “game.”

For instance, right now I’m wondering “Should I add more cargohold room to my Hulk, or should I increase its yield?” My gut tells me that I should increase its carghold capacity to the largest I can get in order to reduce the wasted time spent moving back and forth between field and refinery. This is the least profitable time in mining and you should reduce it whenever possible. This is part of the reason that “jetcan mining” is so efficient – you have two ships, each focused on its role and tailored for it. Your mining ship doesn’t have enough cargospace to haul a large amount of ore, but it can mine very quickly. Your hauler can’t mine for shit, but its huge cargohold lets you move a lot of ore in one trip.

So where does that leave the intrepid AFK Gamer? Well, our mining vessel must serve two purposes as efficiently as possible. It must mine quickly, but also be able to store a large amount of ore in order to make the trip back and forth efficient. This is why the Hulk is SUCH a good ship for mining in – you can get its hold up to more than 10k really easily, and that translates into more ISK per hour.

Right now Agent EVE earns a profit of 2 million per hour in a Covetor and 3 million per hour in a Hulk.

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  1. This is good to know. I am kind of trying to figure out what ship I should shoot for after my Retriever.