Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Macro Hauler experiment continues...

I’m using autopilot to move between systems. I know, it’s not really efficient but it is effective. Today or soon (haven’t decided which) I’m going to implement the “sniff a bunch of points” concept and once I do I should be able to set a destination, and then intelligently warp to zero all the way there. That will significantly increase the speed of my agent.

But speed doesn’t matter yet; I’m still in the “Prove this will work” phase. After adding some more code so that I don’t deny courier missions (any of them, this time) the agent seems to be working like a champ.

I need a task list.
* Create a Warp To Zero function, and put it in your master class, which will replace your autopilot code
* Test the Hauler Agent on level 2 courier missions
* Eventually you’re going to have to test a missions not only for “Is it a courier mission” but also “Does it go through low-sec.” Don’t forget this – it could be embarrassing!
Yeah, there’s probably more I’m missing but I’m tired and I’ve been staring at the computer for too long.

I’m up to about 500 million ISK now, a new high-water mark for me. The courier missions have slowed my income a lot…I make a pittance on them, and for ISK they’re a real waste of time. At least, the level 1’s are.

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  1. Just thought i'd let you know, there are python injection sxcripts, which basically tell your client not to default autopilot warp to 15km, but to warp to zero, basically, you download an .exe, doubleclick it, then set to autopilot. :) check out