Friday, June 5, 2009

Hauler works for a while, then breaks...

So I ran my Hauler Agent last night and got about 40 missions done before it crashed out. Well, it didn’t technically crash out; technically it right clicked in the wrong place and then crapped out. I’m beginning to think that the “sniff a single point and then react” process isn’t the ideal solution for EVE and perhaps a “sniff a bunch of points, and wherever it equals X, that’s the point you want” process will work better. The location of data is, generally, always in the same place with EVE, but it’s often a few pixels different between one iteration and another. This is because a mission’s title is two or three lines long, instead of one. Or a system’s name is so long it causes the click point to wrap around three lines instead of two like you coded for.

So I think I’m going to write a function that has an upper left bound, a lower right bound, and a “test color” variable. Then I can basically say “If you see this color inside this rectangle, then give me the point that equals that color.” Easy as EVE!

So how much corporation faction did I gain after 40 missions? I lost about .2! Why? Because of a glitch, which only occurred on missions whose names are longer than two lines long. The extra line caused my test points to be pushed too far down, and so the agent didn’t recognize it as a courier mission. Still, I managed to get 2 empire faction missions and after I completed them I gained about .2 empire faction. Slow, I know, but it’s the beginning. Things are always slow in the beginning!

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